Young leaders

Choose, Change & Become

Choose to lead from within and make choices rooted in values.

Change our attitude and approach - from ego to humility - in tasks and relationships.

Become an example of stability and resilience to inspire and sustain positive action.

What is the approach that will inspire and motivate action in a world of indifference? Choose, Change & Become is our international programme for developing youth leadership. The programme aims to support young leaders in developing their inner capacity to make values-based choices and decisions that lead to positive, constructive action for their societies and the world.

This is a collaborative experience, a ‘learning laboratory', involving personal reflection, creative expression and shared leadership in the creation of a sustainable learning environment. The capacity to learn is at the root of all development – individual, societal and global.

Programs are organized at a national level and customized for each group and location.

Young people

"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you really are."

Carl Jung

We are practicing meditators who are interested in effecting change in our world. We are part of a global network of young adults (aged 16–30) across 50 countries.

We believe that a new way of living ultimately depends upon transforming and uplifting the human spirit. We want to encourage our peers - from all religions, ethnicities and cultures - to take up the challenge of re-creating their inner and outer environments by being deeply in touch with themselves.

We support our peers to develop.

We work with organizations from all sectors, youth NGOs, government bodies, community and faith groups that want to introduce spiritual skills and values in working with young people.

Come with us on a journey inside to explore, experience and enjoy a precious part of you that remains hidden unless visited. This journey will create pathways for you into a future that is rich with happiness and success.