Empowering Women

The vision of equality for women is about restoring dignity and self-respect, and creating an atmosphere where women feel safe.

Four Faces of Woman

Have you ever asked the questions, "Who am I really?" and "What does it all mean?"

The Four Faces of Woman is a model designed to uncover the riches of our past and reveal practical, ancient, spiritual keys to build a future that holds a deeper and meaningful happiness.

You will find tools and simple, yet profound, insights that enable you to be your truest, most loving and powerful self.

Eternal Face

Where we begin and where we're heading. It carries the truth of our innate innocence and authentic power. It is our essential being… it is essence.

Traditional Face

The Traditional Face tries to contain essence, to protect it. It sets up rules, boundaries, which it endeavors to secure. As our world shrinks, we shrink; labels and roles become the new identity.

Modern Face

The Modern Face fights the boundaries, seeking freedom. It is the face of reaction, its core energy being discontentment born of the seed of tradition. And from the seed grows the fruit. And from the fruit comes the seed… no escape.

Power Face

Woman of Power holds the secret key that unlocks the door to authenticity, beauty and power – to freedom. It sees the limitations of tradition but has the capacity to take responsibility and reclaim power, resurrecting the essence.

Empowering men

"Men's enemies are often on the inside – in the walls we put around our own hearts. The inner changes will have to come first before we can heal the world."

Steve Biddulph, Manhood

Men constitute half the world's population, own most of the world's wealth and occupy most of the official positions of power and authority, globally, nationally and locally. Consequently, men are playing a major role in the world - environmentally, politically, economically and socially. At this time, we are facing the many consequences of living in a highly competitive and materialistic culture, where traditional roles and lifestyles are rapidly changing.

Our vision

To act as a catalyst for changing men's consciousness by