Touch The peak

This course contains 5 sessions. Each session is activity oriented. Following are the overview of each session. 

1. Inner Beauty 

Social media impacts the perception of standards of beauty, body image and self esteem concerns. Stress and inferiority complex is getting developed among students due to this. This session encourages the students to practice values in life and make them aware that real beauty is their innate values and that leaves a lasting impression on someone. 

2. Positive attitude 

Nowadays rude, arrogant and rebellious behavior of students at home and outside has become very common. Parents and teachers are worried about the way students respond to different situations. This session makes them aware what a positive attitude is and how to develop an attitude of helping others, caring, being polite, compassionate and grateful. 

3. Facing challenges in Life 

Stress and depression are increasing among students since they are not able to cope with situations and challenges in life. This session teaches them how to develop faith in themselves, how to motivate themselves, how to do self-counselling and how to overcome stress in life. 

4. Freedom from Addiction 

Most of the students are addicted to social media and some even to alcohol and drugs. Addiction leads to psychological and physical health issues. The module encourages students to cultivate good habits and replace addictions with healthy goals. 

5. Meditation 

Meditation has been a time-tested solution for eliminating all negative tendencies and instilling a disciplined positive focus in life. The session introduces students to the basics of meditation - enriching the friendship with the self, God, other human beings and nature for a multifaceted self-development. 

Touch the light

This course contains topics which includes value-based awareness sessions.

No nourishment like Happiness

We should distribute happiness, shouldn’t we? There is no nourishment like happiness. Let me not have a trace of worry. Forget that which is not necessary. Simply remember that which is good. We should donate the vibrations of peace and happiness to the world.

Priceless possession Patience

On our faces and in our behavior, we need to have patience. If we have patience, then we will not have any obstacles in our efforts. We will find it easy to make effort and to transform ourselves into the pure and elevated being we were meant to be.

Power of Concentration

Concentration is the maintenance of a steady mind and intellect. With the power of concentration, I transform my intellect. With the power of concentration, the mind becomes peaceful. The power of concentration is wonderful. 

The Ladder to success - Discipline

The meaning of discipline is observing rules and regulations, which are necessary for everyone. Discipline is needed in all walks of life, especially in student life. Success is attained only by a disciplined student.

Tolerance - The mine of all virtues

The meaning of tolerance is that even though instances of sorrow come into one's life, he\she still remains in an even state of satisfaction. The rose is blossoming even amidst thorns. The lotus remains pure in the mud.